Monday, June 16, 2008

My New Toy - Lynn Lorenz

As I promised, I'd love to tell y'all about my newest toy. It has a battery that's good for 4 hrs, and an optional cord, in case the battery is worn down.
It's black, about 8 inches long and every time I pull it out in public, people flock to me to watch, even touch it. One person asked to use it.
If you're thinking it a mini-laptop, you're right!
The rest of you who are disappointed it wasn't some sex toy, you're wrong.
It's the best sex toy of all - it allows me to fantasize about all sorts of sexual encounters and escapades and write them down to read later, maybe even publish.

I'd been wanting an ereader to manage and read all my newly acquired ebooks. I need it for the trip to RWA at S.F.
Really, I do need it.
So, once that idea had formed in my brain, I started looking at ereaders.
Sony's was $299....and once my DH found out I was looking into electronics (clearly his domain in our m/f split of duties) he had to expand the search. Wanting only my happiness, he vowed to find me the perfect mate.

We looked at various ereaders and PDA's, and each time he kept saying, "Wouldn't you rather have a computer?" I would shake my head and relpy, "No, they're too big. I already have a laptop."
He smiled, that smile he does when he knows something I don't know, and showed me the Asus Eee mini-laptop. My searching was over.

I fell in love. Sleek, black, sexy as hell, I gazed longingly at it on the Asus internet site. At Best Buy's site, I drooled over it. I made the drive to the store, my heart beating so loud I could hear it, just so I could cradle it in my hands.
So sweet, so small, so light.
I had to have it. I wanted it. I needed it.
Good Lord, I'd never wanted any technical device in my life like I wanted this one. I think I moaned, right there in the Best Buy isle. People moved away from me as I kept guard over it, sending DH off for one of those kids that work there.

Stroking it with my fingertips, I whispered sweet promises to it. It would be mine! We would be together until I'd typed my last words.

$399 dollars later, I had claimed it. Resisting the urge to open it up and consumate my ownership in the parking lot, I waited until I got home. Slowly, I opened the box, careful to slice the sealing tape and not nick its perfect container. It lay on its bed of white stryofoam in the sexiest plastic wrapper I'd ever seen. Leaning close to fully observe its keyboard, I inhaled. That new plastic scent shot straight to the core of my geekness, and I had to have more.

It was all mine and I would write on it.

After snapping in the battery, I read quickly through the directions and turned it on.

I'll never forget the first time it started up, the Windows logo appeared, and that glorious music filled my ears. Now, I know what happiness means - a 7" screen, built-in wifi, webcam, microphone and speakers, 3 usb ports, a monitor port, a SD card slot and a cable modem plug in.

After I filled it with my MS Word, it was complete.
And I still had over 1/2 Gig of space left.


Ginger Simpson said...

Lord, if you can make buying a computer such a sexual experience, you can write, girlfriend. I got turned on by the white Styrofoam description. *lol*


Renee Knowles said...

Nice post, Lynn! I just bought an e-reader and love it! I'm so happy I have something small to read my e-books on :)

Thanks for sharing!


Lynn Lorenz said...

thanks ginger,
now i think I understand when guys look at cars and go, "mmmmm," with lust in their eyes.

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