Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hi yall! from Kim Richards

I'd like to start out by thanking Ginger for letting me take up some of her online space today. That's one thing I've found among writers is a willingness to help one another--whether it's promotion, tips and advice, or just plain spending time with someone who understands things in the same way you do. I've heard theories that this is a product of creative personalities. I can't say if it's true or not but am grateful for the other writers in my life.

Eternal Press released Death Masks in April of this year. I've been slow to promote it because I was in Germany for six weeks at the time of the release and also have recently begun working at Eternal Press as the new marketing manager. Yep. My days are full but I like it that way. I don't think I know how to live any way except busy. Speaking of the Germany trip, I'm still posting pictures from there on my livejournal. Here's the link in case you're interested in seeing some of them. http://kim-richards.livejournal.com/

So, how about an excerpt from the book?

“Shhh. Please listen.” Her words dropped to a trembling whisper.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m scared.”

Bill hesitated a moment, thinking she might go on.

“Bill?” She sounded so small and vulnerable. He immediately wanted to reach out through the phone and pull her close. He longed to make whatever it was better.

“I’m here, Hon. What’s going on?” He shut down his computer as he talked.

“Someone keeps calling me.” Once she started speaking, her words came fast and clipped. “At first he kept hanging up. No heavy breathing or anything so I decided it must be those kids next door.”

“He? How do you know it’s a guy?” Bill used one hand to hold the phone and the other to begin stuffing his things into his carry bag.

“Because…” Dampened, low sounds came over the phone.

Oh God, she’s crying

Because I know what a man's voice sounds like. This last time, just a minute ago, he said I’m next.”

Next for what?” As Bill said the words, he’d already guessed the answer. All the clues were in place, the footprints on the porch, the maniac figuring out Bill knew about him, and now the calls to Dix. He didn’t hear her answer.

* * * * *
Be sure to leave a comment here on Ginger's Blog. Doing so enters your name into weekly prize drawings. We're giving away pdf copies of Death Masks and of an anthology of dragon stories I'm in titled, Firestorm of Dragons, tshirts and music from the metal band featured in the Death Masks video book trailer.

Oh, you want to see the trailer? Sure. Here' the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp2zpDNMfmM
It was filmed by my fiance and the band is from my hometown of Roswell, New Mexico.


Tabitha Shay said...

Hi Kim,
Great excerpt and great video...yes, authors definitely seem to stay busy...I've been over at Book Cravers off and on all morning chatting and promoting.Anyone care to join me there?...Anyway, congrats on the new release, you certainly have my attention with the wonderful excerpt...Tabs

JunePhyllisBaker said...

Hi Kim,
I loved your trailer. The next time I hear a twig snap, I'll be sure to check if somebody is walking behind me.
Your trailer was very convincing.
Good job!


Unknown said...

Thanks Tabitha and June. The funny part is my fiance wanted to cut out the part where the jogger looks back over his shoulder and I talked him into leaving it in. It's creepier to me that way. Grin.

Estella said...

Great video!

Carol said...

Just the kind of creepy book I like. As far as busy, I do better busy, otherwise I become the worlds best procrastinator. Carol

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