Monday, June 16, 2008

Lynn Lorenz - Thanks For the Opportunity, Ginger!!

I'm Lynn Lorenz and I'm published at Loose Id. My first three books are m/m romance,
2 are historical (medieval times) and the 3rd is contemporary psuedo-paranormal -
no vamps, weres, or shapshifters, but one of the hero's can feel his lover's emotions
and hear their desires, and it's coming out this week. Wahoo!

I recently signed a contract with them for a contemporary paranormal - with vampires -
called Warriors At Heart. No idea when it will be published, but when I hear, I'll post on my website.
I write in a variety of genres, and I don't want to be tied down to any of them.
Love them all for what they are and what they allow me to write, but I don't really
have a favorite. I just tell the story how its characters want it told, whether m/m or not.

I have several that have very little sex in them, but a lot of sexual tension, because
that just isn't the characters.

That being said, I love a good sex scene. Don't mind the gruntin' and groanin',
I want to be in the midst of the action, want to squirm in my chair and when it's over, go looking for my DH with a wicked gleam in my eyes.

What I love about ebooks and epubs is that you can write a variety, multipublish
and be so in touch with the readers through loops, chats, etc. I love the downloads
and that you can do this in your own home, or even in a coffee shop with wireless.

I'll post again soon about my latest new toy!! Yes, it has a battery,
but it also has a cord...

Lynn Lorenz

Open hearts, open minds

In The Company of Men series - The Mercenary's Tale
and Jackson's Pride

Coming June 17th, Soul Bonds


Ginger Simpson said...

Welcome, Lynn. It's always a thrill to make new friends and discover new books. I'm very happy you agreed to join the fun.


Katie Bug said...

I feel the same way about those sex scenes. I don't like the author to just skim over them. They are kissing and heavy petting when all of a sudden it is the next morning. What happened?? Did they have sex or did the hero read a book to the heroine? I WANT TO KNOW. lol

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