Monday, June 16, 2008

Thanks for having us

Hi. I'm Chris Redding.
My books out are a romantic suspense called The Drinking Game and a paranormal suspense called Corpse Whisperere

I'm in a real odd time of my life. I'm writing a thriller for a publisher that is contracted.
School is ending for my kids.
I'm working the last two weeks of a job I've done for 7+ years. I'll miss the camaraderie of the people I worked with, but for various reasons I must quit. I have another job and another set of good people to work with, but it will take time to get to the point I was with the last job. If ever.

That makes it hard because I love being around people, but I must go. I am mostly looking forward to leaving because of the frustration of the job. It followed me. I was on call if there was a class and something went wrong. It created a buzz in my head that blocked my creativity.
Not a good thing. So I quit because thankfully I have options.

Anywho, in terms of my writing this thriller is taking up most of my writing time. But I send out two submission today. I'm proud of myself. I hadn't done it in awhile because of what I had contracted, but one of those contracts fell through. So I'm back in the querying stage.

Some personal facts. I live in NJ with a husband, two kids, a dog, a cat and fancy spotted rat.



Michelle said...

It is always difficult to make a change even if it is going to be good/better it is still a change. I like new things but I am not a fan of changes in the daily life, I like my routine and need a major shove and/or bomb to for me to embark on the new "adventure". Good luck and I hope you settle in quickly to your new routine.

Ginger Simpson said...

Hi Chris,
Thankfully, some of us do have options. I totally understand about the job and frustration. In fact, my next novel will be non-fiction regarding that very topic. I can finally vent over the woman who virtually forced me out, after over twenty-years, from a job I loved. Life goes one and we find ways to get even. *lol*

Thanks for spending time on Dishing It Out.


Katie Bug said...

I quit my job about 3 years ago to stay with the kids. Now that my daughter is at that age where she will begin school I am excited and sad. I miss my job and the people I worked with. Change is scary but sometimes we need that kick in the butt to renew our focus.

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