Monday, June 16, 2008

Thanks for having me Ginger!

Hi everyone, I am author Raine Delight and I write for Aspen Mountain Press right now. I just sent out some queries to publishers so I am waiting for the responses! *finger biting*

I am a single mom of 2 kids ages 6.5 and 8, have a honey that I live with and "one determined to scare me to death" cat. *smiles* I live in Western NY, about 40 minutes from Buffalo, NY and I love it. We are close to a few state parks (letchworth, stony brook and others) plus a theme park (Darien Lake). For fun, I enjoy reading, watching movies, listening to music, hiking, taking walks with the kids and an ice cream cone on a hot summer day!

I believe in HEA and then some. I have a series of 5 books at Aspen Mountain Called Devon Falls and it is a paranormal Contemporary series set in a fictional town that I based on my own small town in part. :) This week the women of Devon Falls will be here to chat and answer anything you want to ask them. They are diverse and unique and i hope you enjoy this glimpse into the Characters of Devon Falls.

Thanks to Ginger for inviting me and I look forward to being here! Any quesitons you want to ask, please don't hesitate but bear with me, *laughs shyly* This is my first time blogging like this. LOL

Raine Delight
Coming July 4th: Devon Falls: Fiery Magic (Book 3)


Ginger Simpson said...

I thoroughly loved finding out more about you, and I can't wait to meet the Women from your series. I'm happy to be your first 'blogaganza' experience.


Raine Delight said...

Thanks Ginger. I look forward to introducing you to them. :) They are very excited to be here. LOL


Katherine Dupuie said...

I just looked at your series and OMG! Hubba Hubba. lol I love paranormals and will have to give this series a try.

Raine Delight said...

Thanks. The girls wil lbe here soon. I need to pick m y kids up from school in a bit, then I can introduce you to Jenna, Raven, Alicia and Jaxon. :) These women will keep their men on their toes and in their arms. *grins*

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