Monday, June 16, 2008

Thanks, Ginger

For having so many of us descend on your little house. Well . . . not so little. I'm Carol Shenold and I write cozy paranormal mystery and urban fantasy. My first mystery, "Privy to Murder" is available now at And, my urban fantasy "Fairy Dust" is also available. I will be back later to post excerpts and blurbs for both. Right now, to peak interest, these are my two lovely covers.
Now, just for fun, I read on another list all about rituals. Especially those around Friday the 13th. Not walking under ladders, throwing salt over the shoulder etc. Do you guys have any rituals, those things you do when you sit down to write or get ready to sit down to write? How about when you get ready to read?
I have to admit, I will read and write anywhere under any circumstances if I have a minute. I've learned that I have to do it this way if I'm going to reach my word count each day. But, if I'm home, I do love to have my feet up and if I can read outside with the birds singing along, lovely. Well, I'll be back later complete with blurbs and excerpts, might even come up with a contest down the line. Stay tuned.


Katherine Dupuie said...

I have a ritual I guess when I sit down to read. I turn the radio on low. Get a blanket and throw it over me with a pillow on top so I can set my book on it. Last is my cup of coffee. Now I am ready to read. lol

I don't do anything special for when I write. At least I can't think of any.

Ginger Simpson said...

Welcome Carol. For those who don't know, Carol and I share EP as a publisher and she's become a very good cyber buddy. There are some who stand out and connect, and I felt that with her.

As far as rituals...I don't believe I have any. The closest I can come is being a fanatic about which way the toilet paper unrolls.

Glad you joined us, Carol.


Carol said...

I'm with you, Katherine, feet up, blanket and something to drink (glass of wine.)

Carol said...

Ginger and I connected because I'm almost as ornery as she is. We do have fun.

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