Monday, June 16, 2008

Promised Privy

Here's the blurb and excerpt from "Privy to Murder."

Privy to Murder, By Carol Shenold


Mag the Ghost wasn't any easier to deal with in death than Mag the Terror had been in life. Living in Love, Texas, in her childhood home, wasn't the end of the world, but Tali Cates can't see the good things with her eyes clouded by murder and mayhem. Now living at home with her son and her mother and trying to support her family, Tali is faced with a vengeful ghost, intent on ruining her life unless she solves her murder. Now some very human elements are showing violent intent and Tali has to come face to face with the very things she tried to leave behind, her gifts and violence.


The skunk headed straight for me. I tried to remember the rules—hold very still or run like hell? Hit it on the nose? No, that would be a shark. Pee was involved? Nope, jellyfish.
The skunk turned to spray. I bolted for the truck and gagged on the smell that now drenched my jeans. I shed them and leaped in, slamming the locks.
Now what? I was in the enemy camp in my bikini cut panties. I reached for my cell phone. Shit fire, it was in the pocket of my jeans, outside, smelling like ten skunks.
I crept out. How the blank was I supposed to empty the pockets without touching the jeans? I picked up a couple of sticks, slid them into the front belt loops, and tried to shake the stuff out.
I managed to get the scent on myself and nothing out of the pockets.
I heard brush crackling. Frank, Betty Ann, and Donna all stood there staring.
“What are you doing here in your underwear?”
“I always wear underwear, Betty Ann.” Just not in plain sight.

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Unknown said...

Dang, I have to read this. What a cute excerpt. Great tease for making me want more. Now I have two in my TBR pile. I've been meaning to buy it, just haven't found time to stop and read anything. I used to stop and smell the roses, guess now I'll have to stop and read a book. :)


kimmyl said...

Great excerpt Carol....I can't wait to read the book.

Carol said...

Thanks, I had a lot of fun writing it. Just wait until you read the sequel, "Bloody Murder." It's even more fun since there is a sexy vampire running around. It comes out in October.

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