Monday, June 16, 2008

Meet Jenna from Devon Falls: Sticky Magic

Hello from Jenna {{Waves}}. I am in Raine's first Devon falls book, Sticky Magic. You can find it in Aspen Mountain's Babes in Toyland II Anthology at I look forward to hearing from you and you can ask me anything.

First off, I run Candy Kisses with my partner and best friend Raven DeMarco. She loves creating the candy we sell and i love doing the books and selling to customers. I find I am more at home with my books and spreadsheets than men. After going out on double dates w ith Raven a few times or for an after work drink, I find I get invisible or passed to loser bioys who try to use me to get to Raven. I am not bitter or anything on that, just telling it like it is.

That is until Marc rolled into the shop for a Christmas gift and I found myself drawn to a man who has a HUGE secret plus one tempting body to explore. With all that and add in some Christmas wishing, I find myself drawn to a man who makes my heart beat fast and my body yearns for his in a primal sort of way.

After the holidays, it comes to the surface that we are fated for each other and some explosive things are happening in Devon Falls this year. I look forward to seeing how my friends and family survive the love bug as magic and romance collide here in Devon Falls.

Thanks to Miz Ginger for having us women of Devon Falls. Raven said she is popping in tomorrow for a spell. :)


Devon Falls: Sticky Magic now available in Babes inToyland II (

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Ginger Simpson said...

Well, Jenna, I'm pleased as punch to have you here. Sounds like you and I share the same kind of luck with men...or lack thereof. I'm speaking of when I was young and stupid. :)

Can't wait to read more.


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