Monday, June 16, 2008

Meet the women of Devon Falls

Jenna Stevens: Co-owner of Candy Kisses Sweet Shoppe. Petite woman who is more at home with her books than anything else. Partner: Marc du Bree (Sexual Mage). Story: Sticky Magic

Raven DeMarco: Co-Owner with Jenna at Candy Kisses Sweet Shoppe. Creole descent, cynical and bored with the dating scene. Tall, blonde and men seem drawn to her. Partner: Jean-Claude LeFever (Dream walker). Story: Red Hot Magic

Alicia Stevens: Owner of Dew Drop Coffee shop and bakery. A volutuous beauty she has had dealt with having her heart broken and the reappearance of her ex, Damien. Red Hair, Green eyes and all woman! Loves to bake and mother her friends and family. Partner: Damien Dracon (Dragon Shifter). Story: Fiery Magic

Jaxon Sinclair: Works with her cousin Alicia at the Dew Drop. Mouthy, independant and always has an opinion on something. Black as midnight hair that has a blue sheen to it, Long legs, model thin and hazel eyes. Loves to help others and loves her car. Partners: Rodrick Dracon (Wolf shifter and empath) and Larken St. Cloud (Wolf shifter). Story: Haunting Magic

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Ginger Simpson said...

Sounds like quite an interesting array of characters. Whew...I so admire those of you who have such creative ideas for sci fi/fantasy type stories.

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