Saturday, June 14, 2008

Say Welcome to My Friends

I much that I've opened my blog for this whole week to a group of friends who are coming to tell you about themselves, their work, and what a wonderful person I am. It's required that they do that before I let them in. *lol*

Honestly, there should be a very exciting mixture of genres for you to view, and as long as you don't find someone you like better than me, it's okay to find new books to read.

In the meantime, I'm going to be working hard to finish at least one work-in-progress. I have two contracted with Eternal Press for my Love in Stages project and I need to get my big ol' butt in gear. I'm also working on First Degree Innocence, which I hope will be my 'blockbuster' that really makes someone sit up and take notice. Course, I need to finish it first. :)

So, enjoy my fellow authors. I'll be lurking should you need me to remind you that you're my fans. *rofl*

1 comment:

Lisa Logan said...

Thank you for your hospitality, ma'am. I'm SO there! :)

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