Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Side of Mom

A few days ago, I poked fun at my mom's strange 'hoarding habits,' but I want you to know how I truly feel about her. Here's a poem I wrote for her 80th birthday a few years back:

Through the Years

On the journey that we travel
that winds throughout the years,
We follow the path God plotted
and give to him our fears.

When the lord mapped out my life's plan
and appointed a shining star,
He must have envisioned her endearing
smile that would carry me so far.

For eighty years she's faced it all,
the good, the bad, some pain.
And in the broader scope of life,
she rarely did complain.

My beacon still beams brightly,
not dimmed by a passing day.
She's my mother, mentor, and best friend
and I just want to say....

I love you with all my heart, Mom!

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