Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Hate Politcs, but...

With the upcoming elections, we all need to make informed choices when we vote. I'm so confused over this election, more so than I've ever been. Actually, my preference is not to vote at all because I truly don't believe it's the popular vote that counts for anything. Still, I'm sharing this video that was emailed to me because it shows something about Obama's plans for our future. Regardless of when the video was recorded, this is his stance on disarming America. When other countries have lied about their armaments and others continue to develop nuclear weapons, how wise is this. Remember how many of our military bases closed under another administration and how that affected so many lives and the security of this country. Perhaps this might provide information you might have overlooked.

At the bottom of the video, I have provided the link to where it appears on the internet. The comments were the most interesting part for me. I invite you to read them and draw your own conclusions. MY POST IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT FOR EITHER CANDIDATE. I fear we are in trouble no matter who's elected, but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


1 comment:

Estella said...

This man scares me to death. I read somewhere he was raised a Muslim. I don't think we need to allow that religion a place in the White House. I know we are supposed to be tolerant of all religions, but BinLaden is a muslim.

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