Saturday, August 23, 2008

The thrill is gone!

Yep...Sleep Apnea. I thought about breaking out the camera and snapping a picture of my husband in his new nightwear, but I found this photo that demonstrates what he looks like. For those of you old enough to recall, Sea Hunt...I feel like I'm sleeping with Lloyd Bridges.

I may as well buy my lingerie at Ace Hardware. I'm thinking perhaps yellow waders with a fish net to put over my head. I never fit into anything at Victoria's Secret, so maybe this is a new beginning for me, too.

My husband has been complaining about the general decline of our sex life. Well, honey, I hate to tell you, but hold on the memories because as long as you look like a comatose scuba diver, it ain't happening. *lol*

Seriously though...Sleep Apnea is a dangerous condition that can cause a multitude of symptoms. In fact, it's so dangerous that the machine my husband uses as night has a smart card that will be read at intervals and determine if he's eligible for his DOT health card to insure he keeps his Class A CDL. I wonder how many drivers are out there who suffer from it from have never been diagnosed. The doctor said that most men with necks measuring 17 inches or larger or most likely candidates. Overweight men also. My husband meets both criteria, although his weight issue is minimal.

Symptoms are:

Tiredness upon waking
Excess fatigue during the day
Waking at night to urinate frequently
Sweating during sleep
Frequent Heartburn or chest discomfort

If you or someone you know suffers, please advise them to visit their doctor. I'd rather have my husband look a little strange at night than to lose him to this fairly unknown condition. We must take care of the men in our life, because they certainly don't take care of themselves. *smile*


Molly Daniels said...

My dad was dignosed with SA about 13 years ago. Then four years ago, my MOM developed it! Now they match at night...

Ginger Simpson said...

Oh my gosh, Molly. Don't tell me that. They say people begin to look like their dogs after so many years...that's why I don't own one. I can't imagine wearing anything over my face. I'm claustrophobic and just looking at Kelly makes my palms sweat and my heart pound. That used to happen when I looked at him years ago, but now it's taken on a whole new meaning. *lol* Poor guy, he's been through a lot recently. I'm sure this isn't a picnic for him, but it gives me the shivers to think about having to wear a mask like that. The vacuum-like tube alone makes me think of life-support. Arghhhh!


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