Friday, September 12, 2008

Slow Learner on Board

Yesterday was a nightmare. I've been dealing with a sick grandson all week, and I took a moment and sat down at the computer to relax. Someone had sent a link to a video on youtube, which I found interesting. Actually, I was touched by it, so I forwarded it to my 'shared email' list.

BIG MISTAKE. People really get sensitive when you forward something they believe doesn't endorse their candidate in a positive light. I really didn't intend for the post to be a reflection of my own political choice, rather something of interest to share. I don't debate politics with's a personal choice and trying to change a die-hard Democrat or Republican's mind is like spitting in the wind. I believe if you found a dog turd and nominated it for president, party lines would support or reject it because you label it with a political affiliation, but then that's just my viewpoint.

Anyhow, before I knew it, responder one had sent back an email, letting me know she objected to my post. I wrote back and apologized that it wasn't my intention, but not before responder 2 jumped into the mix and added two more cents worth to responder one, and responder three decided to have an opinion. I received several responses of support, but luckily they didn't 'reply to all.' Somewhere in this mess, I believe I lost a friend, and for WHAT??

I opened a can of worms without intending to. I never in a million years expected that passing along a link would cause such a stir. Just goes to show, you should never assume that how you view something is how others will see it. Forward with care people...forward with care!


Anonymous said...

Beware of labeling people as "friends" too quickly. That was your only mistake. You actually lost nothing but a pain in the ass who gives so little consideration to other people's point of view and who's response to you was so insulting....the term DOUCHEBAG seems appropos.
See Ya Tomorrow,

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Gwenn, don't worry yourself about it. I love reading your blog and really appreciate your humor. Thank you!

Linda Gates

Si's blog said...

There are friends and there are friends.

Vowed this time to vote on an unbiased list of pros and cons based mostly on the candidates' planks. Feeling and impressions being one factor. Too many vote based on the rantings of a pastor or a friend or relative. Passion is important, but his is an im portant decision.

What is the YouTube video? Wouold like to see it.

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