Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Uplifting TV Program

Actually, I'm wondering why they don't call this program, Dancing with Boobs. That would cover all the bases...the ample display of breasts, and the boobs with two left feet who shouldn't even be on the show. :)

Is it my imagination, or did Susan Lucci have implants? I don't remember her being quite so chesty. Actually, I don't recall her having much a chest at all, but lately on All My Children, she's hefted those puppies up under her chin. Her wardrobe has suddenly become very revealing. Like we're not supposed to notice those and the fact that her forehead no longer moves from all the Botox. I have to admit, her face does look good, but check out that turkey-skin neck. You just can't hide your age no matter what you do. Money can't buy everything.

Last night, there was a definite contest between the ladies and it wasn't who could dance the best. I'm just jealous because I can't parade around in something scanty and revealing. Well, I could, but I think they have laws against it in Tennessee.

1 comment:

Latesha said...

LOL Ginger. You weren't the only one to notice La Lucci's new and too inflated chest. She got way too much for her tiny frame, but if it's what makes her happy, more power to her. Many of the gals on the show look too endowed for their own good. Whatever happened to making the best of what you were born with?

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