Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tag, Your it!

I was tagged by Anita Davison, so I stole her tag image to use on my blog. I know she won't mind because she probably stole it from someone else. :)

I guess the purpose of this lovely game is to garner interest in my blog and those of my friends. I'm supposed to tell you six exciting things about myself and refer you to six other blogs. The blogs I can do, but I don't know if there are six interesting things to share about myself. I guess I can try.

1. I hate spiders and bugs that jump. I'm afraid to walk across the floor at night because Tennessee seems to have lots of night crawlers despite my continued efforts to poison them all. I have been known to lay in bed with a full and aching bladder because I don't want to risk walking to the bathroom. Don't get me wrong...our house isn't laden with bugs, but you know, there's always the chance.

2. I was a school bus driver once in another life. On my maiden voyage, I was sent to pick up some children who missed their usual bus. When I got to the school, I couldn't find them. I left the bus and went into the office to call my supervisor to ask what I should do. While I was on the phone, I saw my bus roll past the window. EEEK!!!

3. I met my current husband at a single's dance. He came there to meet up with someone else. He joined a dating service and paid a whole lot of money to be ignored by the woman who ran the dance. He was on his way out the door when I noticed him and approached him about a dance. He could have had me for free! Well, I guess he did, although I refused to spend the night with him. I have morals. I made him wait until the second date for a sleep over and that's because he refused to leave. He acted like came to my house on a wagon train instead of in a car.

4. Embezzled Love is really a fairly accurate accounting of what happened to my sister when she hooked up with a guy she met on the internet. I wrote it for entertainment, but mainly to warn people what can happen if you are too trusting.

5. People are so paranoid about their social security numbers. Did you know that if you look on the social security death registry, you'll find the names of most deceased people along with their social security numbers? And we wonder why some dead people are still voting. Duh uh!

6. Okay, one more bus driving revelation. One morning, when my bus was being serviced, I gassed up the best of the sub buses and had it ready to go. When someone came in and asked who was driving it, I announced "Me." I was shocked when they told me it just left the yard. Boy, was I pissed. I ran out the door to discover who took my bus, only to see my supervisor running after it with arms flailing. Luckily old number eight made a perfect left-turn, thus avoiding six driver's ed cars, and passed with ease through the exit gate. This time I set the emergency brake, but I forgot to take it out of drive (the only automatic in the yard) and once it warmed up, it overrode the break and decided to leave without me. Do you see a pattern here? Fortunately, after bumping over the plowed furrows of the field across from the transportation yard, the bus finally stopped. Boy, my supervisor must have really liked me. :)

Okay, here are my six friends:
Tabitha Shay because she's an awesome friend and author. She has a whole series of Witch books and a series on Montana Men. Treat yourself to a peek.

Sloane Taylor . Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell. Check out Sloane's Naughty Ladies series.

Anne Whitfield Check out this award winning author of historical and contemporary fiction. You'll love her work.

Carol Shenold . Carol writes wonderful mystery with humor. My kind of gal!

Rita Karnopp . Rita is a wonderful author and a dear friend from Eternal Press. Check out her wonderful romance, Sacred Ground. You're in for a treat.

Cheryl St. John . If you're looking a great blog, a talented author, and someone with a great sense of humor, then check out Cheryl St. John. I'm very proud to call her my friend...even if she keeps denying she knows me. *smile*

So, now I've shared my deepest secrets and notified these lucky six people that they've been tagged. I did my duty, Anita! Aren't you proud of me?


Molly Daniels said...

My first stint as a 'bus' driver (it was a station wagon), I backed into the building column, denting the right rear. A month later, I misjudged the car wash entry and took off the right rearview mirror! And I also ran over a few cones, but they didn't cause any damage. I had my eyes checked, and yup...needed new glasses!

Anita Davison said...

Yeas, I'm very proud of you Ginger, but I did not steal that tag image -well not really. Flippin cheek!

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