Monday, October 6, 2008

Coming Wednesday

Kelly and I have been planning to move into our own home, and the time has come. We've lived with my son and his family for over two years now, and it isn't always easy to manage a household with two females. *lol* I think we all are a little relieved, and I'm thrilled that my sister, Gwenn, is coming to stay with me. She's going to make Tennessee her new home, too.

Anyhow, since I've going to be sidelined for a bit, I've invited some awesome friends of mine to another blogathon. From Wednesday, October 8-15, you'll be entertained by:

Katrina Wampler
Lynn Romaine
Syrell Starr
Grace Brooks
Phyllis Campbell
Sally Odgers
Rhonda Lee
MaryAnn Miller
Laura Hebertson
Clare London
Robert Appleton
Connie Rachal
Janet Elizabeth Jones
Jeannine Van Eperen
Elaine Cantrell
Lisabet Sarai
Barbara Edwards
Anne Carter
Brenda Weaver
Deb Hockenberry

Wow, that's quite a line up, and there may be some last minute adds. Please make them feel welcome, ask questions and leave comments. I'll be checking in, myself. I'm sure you're going to see some exciting new reads, and maybe even a contest or two.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ginger, Good luck with the move. I hope that your sister enjoys living in TN. Looks like there will be some interesting people holding down the fort while you are away.

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