Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tonight's Debate

I wore John McCain's name on a POW bracelet for the entire time he was captive in Viet Nam. I didn't remove it until the day he stepped foot back on US soil. I admired him then, and I admire him now, but, no endorsement here! I'm much too smart to enter into a debate better left to the professionals, but I do urge everyone to LISTEN tonight.

I'm curious how everyone else can be so sure who they are backing in this election when so many questions have gone unanswered. Time for change! What change? I'm all for something new and improved, but I really would like to know what I might be buying into. I'm still on the fence, but leaning heavily in one direction. There is lack of experience on both sides, but balanced by a teammate with great experience (Biden/McCain). I'll be tuned in tonight, and I'm sure tomorrow, I'll be wondering if I watched the same debate people are describing on TV. Funny how we can view the same thing and come away with such different impressions.

When you get bored with politics, spend some time here and visit with the amazing authors participating in my Blogathon starting tomorrow and running through October 15th. The number has grown to twenty now. :)


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