Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Signs of Rudeness

Heaven knows why my mind functions like it does, but tonight I was watching the debate, found it extremely boring and repetitive, and my thoughts drifted to things I find extremely rude. Maybe it was because of the candidates blatant disregard for Tom Brokaw's attempt to keep things on track, who knows. But, I thought I'd make a list of some rude behavior that has me in a snit...aside from the number of people in Tennessee who gamble with my life by passing on double yellow lines. I think it's a sport in this state.

1. I absolutely hate having an appointed time to attend a meeting or orientation and have to sit and wait for it start because other people are late. That sends a message that if you're on time it doesn't matter. The world revolves around those who arrive after the appointed starting time. That's just wrong.

2. Am I the only one who is annoyed by television shows that recap what you've already watched in case someone tunes in late? I believe if I can start watching a program from the beginning, I shouldn't have to sit through recaps for those who didn't happen to tune in at the right time. Again...the same message. If you're on the ball, it doesn't matter...it's all those jerks who show up late that count. What's wrong with this picture???

3. Ban assault rifles? I know why. Probably because someone stood in line for thirty minutes before another cashier opened, and they took the people who just walked up. I've wanted to shoot a few people myself. Here again...it's those late arrivals who are catered too.

4. Oh, and the worst of late. Those blasted phone calls that turn out to be recorded messages that have the audacity to ask you to wait until someone comes on the line. Right! If you're gonna call me, you'd better be there or I'm hanging up.

Do you see a pattern developing here...or is it just me. What happened to the early bird who got the worm? Someone must have took it out with an assault rifle. *smile*

Okay...your turn. Let's see some comments about things that bug you.

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Laura @ Caninedesign said...

There is one thing that is bugging me this week...I'm in a vanpool with 6 other people. We park the van in a large parking lot that is often full in the morning. I hate it when I get there and the person driving that day is sitting in the parking spot waiting for everyone to arrive. Just sitting there, taking up the space. Meanwhile, I have to park far away and walk all the way back to the van. Pull out the space, you moron! We're leaving in a minute anyway!

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