Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dimes Departed

While sitting here, waiting for the next yard sale customer, I'm reflecting on how very proud I am of my ONLY nephew, Adam, AKA Dimes McDropperson. He left for Iraq yesterday as a civilian employee of KBR. He'll be stationed in Iraq for at least a year, or until Obama wins and ends the war as he's promised. But that's a topic I'd best avoid. *lol*

I admire Adam for being adventuresome enough to risk the danger of working in a war zone, and of course, I'll keep reminding his mother that he'll be just fine. The base he'll be at sounds like a resort, and he'll probably have much more fun than we will. His job doesn't require him to leave the safety of the base. That makes us feel a little more secure...that and prayer.

Ad had to endure numerous tests and evaluations of his fitness for duty, and he passed all of them. Imagine, he even had to take a lie detector test and a psychological evaluation.

Just wanted to jot this note, but I have to run now and collect the large amount of money this man who this walked into the backyard is bound to spend. I'm a little worried because he seems to be more interested in the bra and panties than anything else. *grin* But back to why I blogged today in the first place...

Way to Go, Adam Covington. You da man!


Laura @ Caninedesign said...

Good luck, Dimes. And don't be tempted to buy any Persian rugs. They aren't worth as much back home as you might think.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe journey, Dimes. We'll look forward to hearing that you are back home safely. Hope that your sale is going well, Ginger.

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