Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dimes Departed

While sitting here, waiting for the next yard sale customer, I'm reflecting on how very proud I am of my ONLY nephew, Adam, AKA Dimes McDropperson. He left for Iraq yesterday as a civilian employee of KBR. He'll be stationed in Iraq for at least a year, or until Obama wins and ends the war as he's promised. But that's a topic I'd best avoid. *lol*

I admire Adam for being adventuresome enough to risk the danger of working in a war zone, and of course, I'll keep reminding his mother that he'll be just fine. The base he'll be at sounds like a resort, and he'll probably have much more fun than we will. His job doesn't require him to leave the safety of the base. That makes us feel a little more secure...that and prayer.

Ad had to endure numerous tests and evaluations of his fitness for duty, and he passed all of them. Imagine, he even had to take a lie detector test and a psychological evaluation.

Just wanted to jot this note, but I have to run now and collect the large amount of money this man who this walked into the backyard is bound to spend. I'm a little worried because he seems to be more interested in the bra and panties than anything else. *grin* But back to why I blogged today in the first place...

Way to Go, Adam Covington. You da man!


Laura Herbertson said...

Good luck, Dimes. And don't be tempted to buy any Persian rugs. They aren't worth as much back home as you might think.

Latesha said...

Have a safe journey, Dimes. We'll look forward to hearing that you are back home safely. Hope that your sale is going well, Ginger.

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