Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gotta Love Her!

I've tortured my nephew enough with the previous pictures of him. He sent an email, begging me to post another blog and help slide his haunting images into the abyss of archived messages. Since my creative juices aren't flowing freely, I decided to share my good fortune with you... a live in housekeeper.

This is a picture of my sister Gwenn, who will most likely kill me because her panties are showing. Mind you, the carpet was shampooed twice by someone else prior to our moving in, but she's been shampooing it AGAIN because she's anal about things like this. I doubt I will ever have to pick up another dust cloth or run the vacuum again. The only downside is I have to listen to her tell me how lazy I am and answer questions about why the dust and nicks on the baseboards don't drive me to distraction. I have a perfect answer...cataracts and lack of interest. At a point in my life, I might have cared, but now, if I have to bend over, kneel, or crawl on the floor, I'm not doin' it.

But, as it turns out, I won't have to concern myself. She spent the first couple of days cleaning the baseboards with a toothbrush and then touching up all the little nicks. She's done the same with all the walls. I've let her decorate, as she's the one with talent in that department. I can write tasteful scenes, but my ability to actually create a stylish environment will never measure up to hers.

Yesterday, I purchased a plant and soap dispenser for the bathroom. I put them where I thought they looked fine. This morning, both have moved. Amazing! Although I could contribute it to the dime-dropping ghost who visited here for a few nights, I pretty much know who did it.

And cannot borrow her. She's mine. All mine. And I love that she makes me laugh.


Carol said...

If we were both single, my sister and I could so live together. She is one of those cleaning people also. Me, not so much if I can be writing. That's why I hire a friend of my daughters who works really cheap (don't tell her she could be making more.) It's so cool to come home to a clean house. Susan also makes me laugh.

Laura @ Caninedesign said...

Oh there are so many Joe the Plumber jokes you can say for that picture.

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