Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've been tagged...AGAIN!

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I guess Cheryl St. John didn't get the message that I'm supposed to be packing and avoiding my blog. As you can see, I'm incapable of turning off the computer and walking away.

Cheryl is a dear friend and very accomplished award-winning Harlequin author with one of the most interesting blogs around. I guess I have to play AGAIN, but only because it's Cheryl. :) The hard part is coming up with six more things to tell you about myself. I'm honestly just not that interesting, but here's my best attempt:

1. I hate moving. This is the fourteenth move in 13 years. I'm starting to feel like a gypsy. Maybe I should take this silk scarf off my heard and get rid of these large gold hoop earrings. Face it...I married a nomad.

2. Since I've grown older, I tend to be more vocal about injustices. When I got crummy service in a restaurant in my earlier years, I grumbled and walked I email the corporate office and let them know. You can't fix what you don't know is broken. I'm sure somewhere my name is on a list of local nut cases. *lol* At least I don't have an ulcer...I just give them to other people.

3. I sleep on my right side as evidenced by the thinness of my hair. I'm looking forward to the day I can do the Donald Trump comb over. NOT! I always start off on the left side, lay there just until I start to doze off, then roll over. It's a ritual I cannot break no matter how hard I try. I also pull one knee up. Strangely, it's the one that is stiff and sore all the time. And, I do not snore. (Hey's that's a twofer)

4. Several years ago I was diagnosed with Objective Tinnitus. Unlike Subjective Tinnitus, you can hear the noise in my head if you put your ear to mine. I've been the crowd pleaser at many a gathering. :) Although the condition was not easily diagnosed, extensive and painful testing revealed that I have too much carotid artery on both sides and the noise stems from blood rushing through the loops behind my ears. The noise has often been described as "a pissed off bumble bee in a jar." The ENT doctor who first heard it said he would have to blow his head off if he had the problem. I decided that wasn't an option, so I sleep with a white noise machine close by and have some type of noise as diversion in the background during the day. It's not easy living with a noise in my head 24/7, but at least it isn't voices telling me to kill least not yet. Now you know why I'm crazy.

5. Just revealed through a recent colonoscopy: I also have too much colon. The equipment wasn't long enough to finish the job. Just my luck. God gave me too much carotid artery, too much colon, but barely no lips. I can never get a face lift. I'd look like a snake. :) Check out Judge Judy and you'll see what I mean. Even she's asking what happened to her lips. :)

6. I always wanted to be a stand-up comedienne. I think I could do an entire routine about growing old. My comedy heroine is Tammy Pescatelli who says, "When people ask how I get new material, I tell them, I wake up every morning." Laughter is the best medicine and I believe in frequent doses.

Quote for the day. "If the shoe fits, you can bet it isn't very stylish."

Now I have to list six people I'm going to tag and provide you with a link to them. I'm going to make it easy and target....ah I mean select... six who are blogging with me this week. They may hate me, but hey...don't we always dislike beautiful people? Make sure when you visit their blogs to tell them Ginger sent you.

Clare London

Connie Rachal

Elaine Cantrell

Rhonda Lee

Deb Hockenberry

Laura Elliott Herbertson

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Laura @ Caninedesign said...

Hey Ginger,
I go by Laura Herbertson only. Laura Elliott was my maiden name.


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