Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dating With Children

Good morning and happy Saturday. Today, I'd like to share an excerpt with you from The Best Selling Toy Of The Season which will be available in November at Hope you enjoy it.

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Elaine Cantrell
Hope. Dreams. Life... Love

Nikki Lane works at a discount store and lives in a mobile home She can't believe it could happen to her, but Tommy Price who's rich, handsome, and single just asked her out. Oh, joy!

Disaster! Nikki has two children and can't find a baby sitter. Has she missed her chance to go out with Tommy? No, she hasn't because Tommy gallantly offers to take the children with them. The children beg to go to a greasy spoon restaurant for dinner, so that's what they do.

The Chicken Shack was located several miles outside of town, and when Tommy slipped on the greasy floor, he guessed that the business specialized in fried chicken. They seated themselves at a booth with a scarred Formica table top which needed a good washing. Undeterred, Nikki took a paper napkin from the holder on the table and wiped away the rings left by the previous occupants’ glasses.

“I hope you don’t mind sitting beside Michael,” she said. “It’s easier to talk if you and I are facing each other.”

“I don’t mind. Michael and I are buddies.” He turned to Michael and asked, “Did you like what Santa brought you?”

“I sure did. It was the best Christmas ever.”

Teddy snickered. “You said that last year.”
“I did not!”

“Yes, you did.”

A loud and lively conversation broke out. It took Nikki a few moments to quell the riot. Good. The noise had made his ears ring.

Nikki propped her elbows on the table and frowned at Teddy who looked ready to argue. “I wish that Dan was here. He can always make the boys mind. All he does is give them a look, and they behave just fine. I think it’s because he’s a man. Boys respond to a man better than a woman.”

Privately Tommy hoped that he, too, would be able to compel the respect of Nikki’s boys, for that’s what made the children obey Dan, respect.

Michael tugged on Tommy’s sleeve. “Mister? Hey, Mister.”

“What do you want them to call you?” interrupted Nikki.

“They can call me Tommy.”

“You interrupted me,” Michael complained.

“Go on then.”

Michel did so. “Are you going to be our daddy?”

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