Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do We Really???

Honestly, do we really need all these guys in suits to conduct polls to tell us what is evident? This morning, I watched some nerdy looking exec-type announce the results of the "Consumer Shopping Index poll." What a shock! Given the state of the economy, only a slighter higher percentage will be spending more. Those are probably the folks at AIG, shopping for their next retreat. *lol*

Needless to say, I wasn't shocked to learn that the majority of those asked plan to spend less money on Christmas this year. Most of us are trying to pay off our gasoline credit card bills from when the prices soared to $4.00 a gallon because of supply and demand. I wish someone could explain that to me. I see the same amount of cars on the roadways, school buses are still running, people are still commuting to work, yet in just a matter of weeks, the cost of gasoline has plummeted to $1.56 yesterday. Supply and demand my big ol' butt. It's because we're being lulled into a state of relaxation and OPEC is hoping we forget about drilling for our own resources. Do we look stupid? Evidently we do.

I hated to get off the topic of holiday glee, but honestly folks, I hate watching the news. It just infuriates me to hear what our government is doing. Now I see that Obama MIGHT change his stance on income taxes. Isn't that what always happens...they campaign, tell lies, we swallow, they renege. Go figure.

Tomorrow, I promise, it's back to happier topics. But since you are here, take my poll. The government didn't pay for it. :)

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