Friday, November 14, 2008


Who else are we going to bail out? There's something wrong when the government continues to rescue failing business, but leaves the same people in place that ran them into the ground. I agree with a guest on CNN the other night...let the car companies go bankrupt and have a trustee assigned to oversee their reorganization. That's what happens to regular people when they can't financially survive. Better yet, have private investors come to their rescue. You and I can't afford to take on the responsibility.

AIG seems to think they need to continue to have 'retreats,' using the money we taxpayers so thoughtfully provided to keep them in business. Why are they under the same leadership? Am I the only one who sees something amiss? And what about the ridiculous decision to limit the golden umbrellas and bonuses to the top officials? When you've been a lousy executive, failed at the helm, who decides you get a bonus? Most people would get fired. What is it about these companies that make them exempt from the rules and regulations most other employees have to follow? If you screwed up at work and drove your business into poverty, would you get a bonus? I don't think so.

I fear for our future. We're already so in debt we'll never be in the black, yet the government keeps looking for ways to spend more. If you divide our debt to China per taxpayer, you'd faint. Things aren't rosy, folks. So many companies have already moved abroad because of cheaper operating costs, taxes and wages, and now with our Pres-Elect proposing to raise the taxes only on those who earn over $250,000, I can picture even more vacant buildings and unemployed people.

When was the last time you called a service number and spoke to someone who didn't have a middle Eastern accent? Even our Banks are outsourcing their services to foreign employees. Good ol' Bill Gates has proposed bringing more alien workers here to staff his company. Any wonder why unemployment is at an all time high? If I can figure this out, and I'm certainly not a Rhodes Scholar, why can't our legislators? Has everyone in Washington gone daft?

Why is the press more interested in Sarah Palin's wardrobe than what is really important? What has happened to the media?

Besides the failing economy, we have a rising epidemic of Austism among our children. Why aren't we bailing them out instead of shoddy businessmen who are overpaid in the first place? Why are our priorities so screwed up and why aren't our elected officials protecting our interests? I don't have the answer. Do you? I'd love to hear it.

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