Friday, November 14, 2008

My thanks to the lovely ladies of Eternal Press who filled a gap in my blogging with their wit, charm and talent. Special recognition goes to Rhonda for her blog on "Racing Death." Just what I wanted to think about when I'm staring another year in the face and wondering how many more I might have left. Aging does that to you... makes you question your mortality.

I'm happy to say I survived my birthday, even if it entailed going to a line-dance lesson and feeling like a fool, trying to learn "Mustang Sally." Egads, what used to come easily ten years ago was a test of my endurance, and I failed. :)

I used to know close to one hundred dances back in the day, and I could scoot a mean boot or push a tush with ease, but it seems my boots hurt my corns now and there's too much tush to push without huffing and puffing.

Usually, I propelled myself with a steady intake of Bud Light, but now that I'm taking medications,I limited myself to one. Actually one and a half. It just doesn't taste as good as it once did. Oxygen would probably be a better choice. :)

As I may have mentioned, I purchased a "Gazelle" a few months back with the intention of increasing my daily activity. It's made a perfect clothes rack until recently, when I've been shamed into actually using it. Let me tell you, it may be called a glider and is low-impact, but it still takes stamina to push through the pain. I was so stiff after the first couple of days, I'm surprised I could actually jump up when the Charlie Horse struck in the middle of the night. I did my own version of Mustang Sally, and without lessons.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. So far today, I haven't done my mile, but, I figure I must have worked off a few calories last least until I came home hungry and had a snack before I went to bed. When did life become so confusing? I'm probably the only one who can eat an ice-cream cone while watching the Biggest Loser on TV. I'm hopeless!

Well, gotta run and get my Spencer from school. Run! Ha. I meant drive. There isn't a bra out there tough enough to sustain these puppies for a jog. I'm not running anywhere. What's the hurry?

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Rhonda Parrish said...

It wasn't related to your birthday, I swear! LOL I didn't realise how badly the two could subjects could go together until I started typing.


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