Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Greatest Birthday Gift

Several years ago, when I first became an author, I met a wonderful new friend through my publisher at the time. I know many of you will understand when I say we bonded instantly even though we never shared an actual moment in the company of one another. It was not long after that she confided she had been diagnosed with Cancer and given less than a year to live. I was devastated for her, and for the loss I faced, too. Time passed and our communications faltered. I knew she faced the ravages of treatment, so I allowed her time and space. How do you comfort someone who has been given a death sentence?

Too much time passed and I worried. I tried leaving a message on her website, but received no answer. I feared the worse. Another year passed, and nothing. I contacted someone who was identified to me as a friend of Mariah. I expressed my fear and was informed that Mariah was still holding her own and refusing to die. I continued to pray for my friend.

More time passed and I felt certain that Cancer had claimed her although I hadn't heard anything further. Another friend of mine who had been diagnosed with cancer and given 9 months, died after nine months and six days. I prayed the two of them might meet in Heaven. I knew they would hit it off.

Lo and behold, tonight came a message. The words, "Cancer Free" jumped out at me. She's weak from the chemo and radiation, but was given the news by the doctor this week and wanted to share them with me. She promises when she's stronger, she'll write more, and I'm so elated I can't hold back the tears. Mariah is alive and well, and prayer does work. She's proof! I love you Mariah, and I'm thrilled to receive your email. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful books, because I know you'll be around for many years to come. You're my heroine!

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