Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sloane Taylor Loves My Blog

This little image is making the rounds. It's a peer award that gives one person the opportunity to promote at least seven other sites, hopefully drawing readers to discover new talent. I'm honored that Sloane has selected my blog as one she enjoys...either that or she picked me because she's busy and knew where I live. *lol*

Sloane is a fellow Eternal Press author and friend. She has a most interesting blog that includes some great recipes and excerpts of her wonderful work. I now for a fact that her books are equally as spicy as anything you can stir up in the kitchen. Check her out at Sweet As Honey, Hotter than Hell

Now I have the dubious task of nominating at least seven other people. I'm selecting five. because there are so many sites I enjoy on a regular basis, and Sloane's is one of them. She nominated another couple of my picks so this isn't as easy as it seems. Here's my final selections and I'm sticking to 'em:

Michelle Styles

Ideas Come From Brownies

Petticoats & Pistols - Karen Kay's Post

Kim Richards

Novel Sisterhood

I hope you'll visit the blogs and let the owners know you appreciate their hard work. Thanks Sloane for nominating me. I'll get you back...ah, I mean I'll return the favor. *lol*

I'm leaving comments on the aforementioned sites and alerting the luckily nominees. :)

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Sloane Taylor said...

Hey Ms Ginger,

True I know where you live:) but that wasn't my reason for selecting you. I truly enjoy reading your posts. They're informative, often funny and sometimes sad, but they always make me think.

Which leads me to your amazing novels. You have a unique voice that I never seem to get enough of. I just love your work!

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