Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Holidays from Louisiana

Happy Holidays from Sylvia Rochester in Bayou Corner, Louisiana. Sylvia was the very first to submit this festive picture for my holiday showcase. She joked about the dilemma of decorating a felled tree just outside her porch--a reminder of Hurricane Gustav. I'm sure she has many reasons to feel blessed this holiday season.

You may read more about her at:


Sherry Morris said...

Sylvia, you are all ready for the merry fun! It's so gorgeous. Now write a story about Linda...

Anonymous said...

Sherry, If I wrote a story about the Linda I know, no one would belive me Talk about a character. She wants to write her story. I told her if she did, she'd get arrested. (Big Grin.)

Thanks for checking out the picture and leaving a comment. I just finished decorating my Gustav tree. Too cool!

Anonymous said...

Cool, Sylvia. There's nothing like Christmas in the swamp, huh? Let's start celebrating now!

Anonymous said...

I've already started, Elaine. Y'all come on down!

Connie Rachal said...

Falalalala la la la la. Sylvia you are into the Ho Ho Ho spirit early. What a relaxing place to enjoy the Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Connie, I knew you were a writer but didn't know you also sang. I love your voice. Come on down, and we'll go caroling.

Connie Rachal said...

I enjoyed reading all your books and I am anxiously awaiting for your sequel.
Is it coming out in January?
Caroling. ME?
Cheers, Connie

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