Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pregnant Man? Give Me A Break

This is an image that doesn't belong to a man. It's specifically WOMAN, and when a person makes a conscious effort to follow their heart and sacrifice the gender into which they were born, they give up certain privileges.

Is anyone besides me appalled how this 'so-called' man keeps cropping up in the news as being pregnant? And why does the media think we want to know about it? To me, the actions of this person negate the reality that there are people truly born with gender issues so real that they either choose to make the painful switch or commit suicide. I happen to know one person who went through the pains and tribulations of making this decision, and it's not something to be taken lightly. The "pregnant man" has made a laughing stock out of those who agonized over their options.

Clearly, this media hog is not a woman, rather has used a gender switch to gain notoriety for benefit. How dare he claim manhood when he still sports the uterus God gave him/her. Just because she grew a beard doesn't make her male! I could do that if I quit plucking and waxing. It's hormones, not gender. Shame on the media for allowing this person a platform of ridicule and instant gratification, not to mention cash. I guess this proves people will do anything for money.

Okay, so I'm expressed my disgust for this person and I feel better, but God help p the children born into such this screwed up union. They're gonna need it. I don't think the economy is our only worry.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%.This person claiming to want a sex change yet having one child after another os not only wrong but alittle too far in left field.These children will need some serious help.By the way a complete breast removal and facial hair doesn't represent sex change.SHE is still doing something to get pregnant.The turkey baseing tool story doesn't carry any weight with me.
Ginger I love your blog.
Have a Great Week!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for appreciating what I write. It's comments like yours that make my day, week and month. :)


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