Saturday, November 8, 2008

Take The Good Where You Can Find It

This is the night I was supposed to be wearing a name tag like this while attending my 45th HS reunion. I went so far as purchase a plane ticket, but then life got in the way and I had to cancel my plans. I missed reconnecting with cherished girlfriends from the good ol' days, but hopefully, I'll have another chance someday soon. I hope they all had tons of fun and laughed a lot. I'm so sorry I couldn't make it. I could consider that I was saved the humiliation of being the oldest looking one. :)

On a good note, I found this beautiful cover for my upcoming release from Eternal Press. Shirley Burnett has done a wonderful job of capturing the essence of my novella, Amazing Grace, which is the third in the Stages of Love Series. I'm so excited about the current announcement from EP Owner, Ally Robertson, that we are going to print by January. Once the fourth and final story of the anthology is released, Chastity's Charms, Forever Faith, Amazing Grace and Hope Springs Eternal will be combined in one book for your reading pleasure.

December 7th is the launch date for Amazing Grace, so please come to The Eternal Press Reader's Loop and celebrate with me then.

Here's a little teaser for you:

A noise drew her attention to the front window. She watched an old, faded pick-up truck sputter up the driveway. A spiral of smoke followed it but dissipated when the vehicle stopped on the circle in front of the house.

“Blake’s here. I won’t be late.” She smoothed her dress and waited for the knock.

Her father stood and peeked through the curtain behind his chair, then shook his head. “I can’t believe you want to be seen in that…that horrid excuse for transportation. At least let me have Maynard bring the Mercedes around. He can drive you.”

She squared her shoulders. “Daddy, please. Lower your voice, and be polite. Maynard’s services are not necessary.”

Her heart warmed when she opened the door and found Blake standing on the doorstep. Dressed in nice slacks, a powder blue shirt with a logo drawing attention to his broad chest, and shoes so shiny she saw her reflection, he projected a persona of which anyone would be proud. But Daddy?

Grace's first instinct was to take Blake's arm and dash to the truck, but she smiled and opened the door wider.
“Won’t you come in?”

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Si's blog said...

Missed my high school's and college's 50th reunions. Family events keep coming up and they are more important and more fun. Listen to classmates tell of the events and am glad I did stuff with our children and grandchildren instead.

When are you going to write something with gunfights and car chases?

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