Friday, November 21, 2008

Tumblin' Tumbleweeds?

One of my favorite readers, Joy, had this to say about Christmas decorations..."I don't have a photo of one but every year here in the desert of Arizona my husband rounds up alot of tumbleweeds, stacks them like a Christmas tree, and sprays artificial snow on them. He puts a star on the top and we have a big sign that says "Happy Holidays Y'all" on it."

The picture I found and posted isn't exactly a tumbleweed Christmas tree, but it just shows what you can do with those prickly little buggers. Thanks for sharing, Joy, and thanks for all the years you've spent following my newsletter and website. You've certainly been a 'joy' to me, even though it's your name.


Dimes McDropperson said...

Hey, there are two (2) R's in Forrest... as in Forrest Gump...


Si's blog said...

Lived in West-by-Gawd Texas for five delightful years. We got a tumbleweed painted white which we hung in our living room for a Christmas decoration.

Better than my parents, God rest their souls, who lived in Florida and had decorated yuccas.

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