Friday, December 26, 2008

I Wonder....

Is there no end to the line of products Billy Mays won't endorse? An even bigger question...WHY do people hire this man to hawk their wares by annoying consumers with his high-pitched yelling? Does he have a normal speaking voice or is he just hearing impaired? Quite frankly, I elect to mute the TV. Like fingernails on a chalk board... He's annoying! Just my humble opinion.


Brett said...

Personally,....Everytime I see one of his commercials, Makes me miss the "Blue Chair" heehee

Sorry, Had to go there

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the "Blue Chair" is but I can tell you, Billy Mays could single-handedly turn me into a raging, phychopathic serial killer!! (ok, maybe not but I do mute the tv also)

Nocturnal Intellect said...

We could do that BAM!...and Billy is gone thing. ;p

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