Monday, December 29, 2008


Just in from Fox News...Really!!!

Restless Legs, Overactive Bladder May Trigger Orgasms in Women
...A study recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine said restless legs and an overactive bladder could prompt orgasms in women suffering from persistent sexual arousal syndrome, the Indo-Asian News Service reported.

Okay, okay, I don't want to minimize the severity of the condition and anger people who suffer, but I can't help but be curious... who went to the doctor and complained, and is there really an ongoing study?

As someone who can't laugh without peeing, I sympathize, but really...first the medication for "RLS" has a side affect that causes gambling, and now this? This just might be a condition we can all benefit from. You can sit at the blackjack table and enjoy the benefits of casual sex without ever leaving the casino. Okay...that was bad! But, it's just amazing what you read in the news these days. I blame my sister. I was quite happy being uninformed until she came along and decided I needed to be more enlightened. Thanks to her, I'm writing letters to the editor of a newspaper in a town where I don't even live...and under an assumed name. I've pissed off half the population, but thank God, they don't know where I live.


Johanna Vante said...

This is a real thing and it has ruined my life and the lives of many of my fellow suffers! Visit my website and read the testimonies. Restless Genital Syndrome (formally known as Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome) is living hell!!

Johanna Vante (Netherlands)

Ginger Simpson said...

As I said in my blog, my intent was not to minimize a condition that I've never heard of, but rather to look for the humor in it. I certainly didn't expect to hear from someone actually suffering from this condition. My sympathies Johanna, and I hope you understand this was my attempt at humor...I certainly didn't mean get at laugh at anyone's expense. I'd erase the blog but it's already on an RSS feed and gone out.


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