Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When Perfect Isn't Enough

I borrowed these photos from an email from a friend because it gave me hope. I realized that I DON'T need to lose weight. I just need to be photo-shopped. It's a shame that we can never find perfection in anyone. Even the stars aren't immune.

I'm ashamed to say I know even know who Jessica Alba is, but in my opinion, she looked pretty darn good to start with. Notice how her curves have been minimized, she's taller and thinner. Guess you can't please everyone. They didn't even like the background.

Again, a great photo, but someone thought she needed thinner legs, to not be so hippy, and for heaven sake's, they didn't even like her knee. Add in a little more collar bone, raise the boobs, and add a little tan and you're good to go. I wonder what they could do with me. It sure would be a lot less painful than plastic surgery.

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