Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Eagle at Midnight by Ava James

A previously Unreleased Excerpt from The Eagle At Midnight.

Sweaty and spent, she lay in his muscular arms and wondered if she would ever have another night like this. Deryn glanced at the clock on the nightstand. 11:58. Almost midnight, that meant it was 5:58 p.m. back home in the Midwest . If Llaw’s steady heartbeat and breath were any indicators, she guessed he was asleep.
Her eyelids heavy, she closed them for a moment only to wake up on a hard, cold floor. Floor?
“What the…?” Deryn groaned. She sat up, sore and weary from their vigorous lovemaking. Although the bed sheet clung to her body, this certainly was not her bed. Her bed was warm with an incredible sex god in it. This place was cold and sterile. The smell reminded her of a hospital. No lilies here..
She looked around the vast hall. It was reminiscent of an ancient Grecian temple. The columns and pillars of purplish quartz-like stone supported a crystal ceiling on a clouded crystal floor. In a word: epic.
Confusion ruled her consciousness. She felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole toward the unknown. Terror gripped her throat, and she pulled the bed sheet—her one and only link to reality—closer to her chest.
A lone figure, dressed in a flowing gown, materialized from the shadows. Long fair tresses hung loose over the apparition’s shoulders. Wrapped about the upper arms were glistening bands of what she assumed were gold inlayed with gemstones. Deryn rubbed her eyes, blinked, and squinted at the physique. It was a woman, but who?
This is one messed up dream! Too much sex equals vivid dreams!
The woman approached with long graceful strides. Her face clearer now, her beauty became more apparent, and her features bore a resemblance to…Llaw?
“Get up,” the regal woman commanded.
Deryn obeyed, confused by her dream.
“You’re not dreaming.”
She can read minds!
“Of course I can, human. I am a goddess, after all.” The woman raked Deryn with a glare and rolled her eyes. “Don’t look so bewildered, you just slept with a god.” The goddess shook her head and appeared annoyed. “My son, Lleu Llaw Gyffes, is a god.”

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