Thursday, January 29, 2009

A First Contact with Hannah & Gideon from Undercover Alien

“Hi. Hannah Morgan here. Not sure what I’m supposed to be saying, but--”

“Just introduce yourself. Name, profession, interests, that sort of thing. How hard can it be? For instance, I’m Gideon Cyrus, extraterrestrial, and I’m honored to be here today to tell you about--”

“You are not an alien. You’re a little weird, yeah, but trust me, guys, I’d know if he was this year’s version of ET. I’m a professional ufologist.”

Sigh. “How many times do I have to prove it to you?”

“Proof? What proof? All you’ve done so far is fry a few streetlights and knock off a Mr. Coffee machine. Nothing’s happened that can’t be explained by bad wiring.”

“And that tingle you feel when I touch you? A personal electrical problem?”

Mutters under breath. “Static electricity. Wouldn’t happen if you’d bother to wear real shoes with rubber soles instead of those coochie things.”

“Gucci, not--” Another sigh. “Never mind. I don’t suppose I can expect more from a woman who thinks high fashion is matching her baseball cap to her t-shirt.”

“Hey, my socks match, too.”

“They match each other.”

“And your point is?”

“My point is…how did we get on this subject? It isn’t what I came to talk about. Why does this always happen around you?”

“Don’t look at me. I just stopped by because that author, Barbara Romo, told me to. I’ve got better things to do. If they want to know more, they can get a copy of Undercover Alien at”

“You are, without a doubt, the worst salesperson I have ever met.”

“Hey, I know what to say. If you’re appliance-challenged like our guy Gideon here, you can also get printed copies through Amazon. The author’s got links to all that stuff from her site at . See? Covered all the bases.”

Appliance-challenged? Alwynn’s Fire…I give up. For more information and civilized conversation, please stop by my blog,, or the blog I share with Galvistor the Dragon at”

“Right. Two blogs and a dragon. Pretending to be ET isn’t enough for you?”

“Say goodbye, Hannah.”

Laughs. “Later, guys. Thanks for the invitation, Ginger. It’s been a blast.”

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