Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm A Witch!!

Good Morning Readers,
I’m Saylym Winslow, witch extraordinaire, (except when my magic goes berserk). I made my debut in Tabitha Shay’s novel, Witch’s Brew. Now I have to say, Tabitha’s a pretty good author (in her humble opinion), but I’m not too happy with what she did to my character.
She made me a bumbler of magic, sent witch assassins to kill me, and she erased my memory so I’d not recall I was a witch or had special powers. *Shudders*
Now I ask you, do you have any idea how scary it is when ordinary household items start to come to life and you have no idea why? And it's because I can't control my magic! Well let me tell you, when your bed talks to you, it scares the beeswax right outta you. Of course, Tabby sent me Prince Talon, my hero, so all is forgiven.
To read more about my wild misadventures, you should pick up a copy of Witch’s Brew at
While you’re there, check out her other books and also the contemporary western romances she writes under the name of Jaydyn Chelcee.
Oh, and for some great reviews, book covers and some really cool artwork of some of Tabitha’s witchy characters,(me included) scope out her website at
Now then, Tabitha has told me that whoever leaves a comment will have their name dropped in the witch’s hat and later today, about 5pm CST, I get to draw a lucky winner’s name for a free copy of Witch’s Brew…Woo Hoo!!!…So, be sure and leave those comments, and make sure you check back to see if you’re the lucky winner….Nice talking to you…Saylym Winslow


Anonymous said...

Saylym, I fell in love with your witchly, bumbling ways a lo-ong time ago, even before WITCH'S BREW was published (Tabitha lives a half mile from my house.). Since then, you've become a household word among witch lovers. So, be kind to your very talented author. She may have other adventures in mind for you!

Paula Gorgas
Books available at major booksellers.
Visit me online at

Unknown said...

lol! GREAT article. Tabs is a great writer and I am so sorry things didn't really go your way Saylym, yeah, that would have pissed me off too. But you got your guy and he was hot, so you must forgive Tabs ok? Just think how good you got it, I hear some witches are HANGED!

Don't enter me in the contest, I have all the books that were so well written. But when new books come out, WATCH OUT WORLD! lol

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying reading of your adventures! I look forward to reading more!


Sherri said...

How cute! I, too, met Saylem a long, long time ago, before publication.

Tabitha Shay said...

Thanks Paula,
Oh yes, Tabs definitely hsa other adventures lined up for me. And readers, did you know Paula is a wonderful author herself. She writes young adult and paranormal as well.I don't know if you know it or not, but you're the one who told Tabs she was writing a paranormal romance when she had no clue she'd crossed genres...Thanks for all the times you've been there for Saylym and me...Tabs

Tabitha Shay said...

Wow, you're right...I forgot about the hangings...okay, I'm kissing Tabs feet now...I just wouldn't look right with a broken neck...Thanks for dropping by to say hi...Saylym

Tabitha Shay said...

Hey Candace,
Thanks for taking time to drop by and say hi...I'm glad you're enjoying my adventures, no telling what Tabs will get me into next...Errgg...Must pull arrow from my chest...Saylym

Tabitha Shay said...

Hi Girl,
So glad you stopped by, yes, you're quite familiar with the dastardly troubles I get into...of course, it takes a lot to top the last bit of trouble Tabs got me into...yep...this darn arrow just doesn't want to come out...Saylym...

Anonymous said...

Hey Saylym, I think you need to cut Tabs some slack. While she does tend to get you in some pickles, at least she keeps your life interesting. Not to mention that if you are nice to her....maybe you will have more of a blast in her next book. Anyway, you are loved by all. chris

Tabitha Shay said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for dropping by and defending my creator...she does have plans to make my life, my world, more exciting. I know I can count on her to get me out of whatever trouble she gets me

Tabitha Shay said...

Miz Ging,
Thank you so much for your special invitation to me to be your guest're the greatest...Saylym

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