Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet Summer Langston's Men

Men kissing woman
Two men vie for Summer's love -- and her fabulous horse??

Ned Granger - wealthy owner of Golden Oaks Farm has always loved Summer, but she blames him for causing her father's death. Can Ned break through Summer's anger and win her love? He also wants Meadow, her fabulous trotting filly, for a broodmare. Does he want the horse more than he wants Summer?

Davis Clayton -- famous racehorse driver can have any woman he wants and has experimented with many of them. Now he wants Summer. She's drawn to him, but is he too much like her father? Does he also want Meadow? Will Summer succumb to his masculine charm, or will she opt for security with Ned?


Unknown said...

This looks like an awesome book! I gotta find out what happened and who picked who!

Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

I know who she pickes but not telling. GRIN.

Awesome book! Great work, Nancy. Thanks for hosting her, Ginger.

Unknown said...

Things get a little hairy for Summer before she gets her guy!! It was a fun book to write!!

Thanks for the comments! Ginger, thanks for hosting me. It was a blast!


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