Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bubba's in Town

Wow, this place is hopping all over the place. Began to wonder if I'd get the invite to join or not. Guess what? I'm here! Thanks, Mrs. Simpson, appreciate the late invite. I'll make sure to tell the rest of the guys we're ready to go this week.

My name's Bubba, and yeah, you heard right. My parents lived during the 60's and, well, guess that influenced their decision some way or the other. Grew up loved, have tons of self-esteem, but the one area I need to improve on is my 'faster than a shooting bullet' mouth. I tend to speak before I think things through and usually get into trouble, dragging a few of my friends along with me.


dad got transferred...again...and I found myself at a new high school...again. I hate new schools. Everyone knows everyone, bullies feel they own the school, I end up smack in the middle of scrimmages because I hate anyone shoving their ugly "This is my school and you'll do as I say" face right up to mine. And boy, did I ever meet the Ugly Troublesome Trio at this high school. More on that at a later post. Right now the most important thing I want to say is how surprised I was to meet my best friend at this new school.

Who would have thunk it - big six-foot, two hundred pound gentle bear David and me, tough guy all around, would end up with so many similar likes and dislikes. And he's lucky I met him cos that Ugly Troublesome Trio, BAD news, capitals all around. Can't believe the things they did to him. But more than that, I can't believe David held a secret from me. That really hurt me.

Okay, gotta go. Mom's yellin' 'bout homework again. Straight A's - you can't please this woman.

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Unknown said...

LOL! HEY I THINK I'VE BEEN TO BUBBA'S TOWN! Great article and can't wait to read some more of poor Bubba's town!

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