Monday, January 19, 2009

Last Time

I'm officially declaring this a 'tag free' zone, but I have to do this one last time because my 'sis' and good friend, Phyllis Campbell tagged me. I don't mind playing, and I love that people think of me, but I'm running out of confessions and things people don't already know about me. Today, I'm supposed to tell you SIX things that make me happy. So, here goes:

1. Hearing my grandson talk and seeing his frustration gone.
2. Having a manuscript accepted or getting a wonderful review.
3. Life
4. Knowing I've found such a wealth of friends from being an author.
5. Having my sister here. She makes me laugh at least once a day, and I've missed that.
6. My husband. I'm happy to have someone to grow old with...who doesn't comment about the wrinkles, my spreading butt, and clearly loves me for who I am...warts and all.

So, with that said, I'm officially putting out the banner:


Anonymous said...

Hey Ginger,

I just wanted to leave you a short note to tell you how much I look forward to reading your stuff each day. With all the bad news out there, your the bright spot in my day. You always have something interesting that will either make me laugh or cause me to think...(my husband isn't so sure he likes that, he says I think too much already)!! In short, I am letting you know I appreciate you so much!!

Connie Bartlett

Unknown said...

You really know how to make my day! There is nothing more heart-warming and satisfying than an unsolicited note like yours. I'll have a smile on my face all day, thanks to you. How did you know I needed this???


Unknown said...

That was cute ..... a tag free site! FINALLY! I love reading your blog each day and think you are a very gifted writer. I hope you day has been good and I look forward to tomorrow. So tell me something about you that I don't already know .... tag ... you're it, just kidding! Have a great one!


Brett said...

I think I just heard the faint echo of your head swelling from over here. Please keep it to a dull roar.

Morgan Mandel said...

I've got a tag left to do, but since I already did one, I'm holding off for a day when I can't think of what to post. I won't be carrying it forward, because I already did the same tag before.

Since it's the happy one, I'm sure I can find 6 more things to be happy about to share.

Morgan Mandel

Unknown said...

I love playing TAG, but my friends are getting tired of being tagged by ME. It's not that I mind...I just can't stand rejection. *lol*


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