Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Long Way Home

Brian Cummings here. There's a lot going on here. I wasn't sure what to say so I've been looking over the blokes and ladies that were here already. There's a lot of variety. I like variety. That's why I'm the percussionist for ShadowsForge, British rock band on tour in the ShadowsForge series that was written by my lady friend, Jena Galifany.

I find myself in a different place almost each day. It never gets boring, I'll tell you that. Not with five of us to keep together and out of jail. Geoff, Jon, Ty and Jordan keep our manager Nigel jumping most days. Hey, it keeps him young.

Ty began this series in Three Times a Hero. He took an unexpected holiday and came back with a beauty of a woman, Alexis. Then some nutcase decided one of us had partied a bit too intimately with his woman and spent two weeks in Trials on Tour trying to take us out, permanently. Just when things were settling down, Jordan picked up a little number by the name of Crystal who literally turned the band upside down. Still got some scars from that ride.

Lady Jena has spent a lot of time with the members of the band, getting close to each of us on differing levels, doing what it takes to get our stories down. She and I spent a lot of late nights and emotional moments together when we wrote "The Long Way Home", ShadowsForge 4. She is an amazing lady to work with and was everything I needed her to be as I went back through my life, sharing that long road. She's a special lady and will always be in my heart. That's not an easy thing to do, either.

If you'd like to hear more about me or my band mates check us out at or There are excepts and more to be found there. I'll be dropping back by when we have a break in the tour.

I'll be collecting names from any comments made and will have a drawing for an ebook copy of my story, "The Long Way Home". The winner to be chosen on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing some comments from lads and ladies. Remember, if you miss the 80s or you missed the 80s, the answer is ShadowsForge!

Rock on!

Brian Cummings


Unknown said...

wow, sounds like an awesome series, one I will most certainly check out.

Asylumgirl said...

Awesome! Dude, I like totally miss the 80s. It was some of the best music ever and let's not forget the fashion and hairstyles. LOL


JenaGalifany said...

Lastnerve - interesting name. I hope it's not true. Three teenaged daughters, huh? That can be a handful. I hope you like what you see when you check us out.

Ddurance - We miss the 80s so much we are doing our best to drag it into the new century! The music can't be outdone, the clothes... well, never my thing. But the hair, hey, we've got that in abundance! It's all about the hair, Babe.

Back to work...

Julie said...

I love this series! I don't need to be put in the drawing I already have all the books. I think yours is the best. ;-0

JenaGalifany said...

Lady Julie;

I'm thrilled you enjoyed my story. Thank you for the praise. I appreciate it.

It seems unfair that you can not be in the contest to win something. I'll have a second drawing for those who do have the books already. I'll announce it in my next blog post. Any suggestions for a prize, Love?

Rock on!

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