Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meet Antonio, Vampire Family Patriarch

An Interview with Antonio Welshire, patriarch of The Vampire Family

By Leigh Wood

Antonio Welshire sits down on this cold winter day for a rare interview with author Leigh Wood.

Leigh Wood: Mister Welshire, you murdered your mother and father-

Antonio Welshire: I was abused.

LW: That being said, you were 16 years old.

AW: 16 years is a long time to be abused, but please, call me Antonio.

LW: Antonio, isn’t there an alternative to patricide?

AW: If patricide is necessary, than no, there’s no alternative. A child should be disciplined, risen to take control, carpe diem.

LW: You have five children. How do you keep them in line, then? Is it not true that at least two of your children have tried to kill you?

AW: Those are vicious rumors brought forth from my enemies. If you cannot trust your family, what is there?

LW: These enemies, would that be The Lilithan?

AW: Do not speak that name to me. We’re having such a lovely debate, Leigh, there’s no need to bring bitter business into it, is there?

LW: You business is built upon the bitter, is it not?

AW: Only for the victim.

LW: What about your recruits? Is your extended family ever displeased with the vampire lifestyle?

AW: Some have a period of…adjustment…but that is uncommon. A few years of melancholy before the immortal experience is fully appreciated.

LW: And your wives?

AW: I’ve been married only once. Elizabeth has been my one and only for ten centuries.

LW: There’s no need to lie, Mister Welshire.

AW: Well, of course, there is many a pretty face under my roof, but many handsome men are found in my family as well.

LW: Including your two sons, Stephen and James?

AW: Very handsome men, warriors. They keep a few steady ladies, but marriage isn’t set in stone for a vampire.

LW: Is it true you favor your daughter Victoria the most?

AW: Favoritism! How can a father choose? Victoria is however, the natural leader among all my children. I suspect she will rule my clan long after I’ve gone.

LW: Do you not expect to live forever?

AW: I’ve been alive for 1,000 years. It would be unrealistic to assume infinite immortality. I’ve seen turbulent times before-times ripe for a vampire to step up and reign. There have also been dark times, underground times.

LW: You are not afraid to speak of being a vampire now?

AW: No.

LW: You don’t care if humanity knows what you are?

AW: Humanity knows what I am. I respect people, I really do. It is not us who don’t take care, but them. What does humanity believe in today? Not themselves, not this planet? They do not fear us, and they should. A vampire has emotion, desire, power. Humans are full of their frailty.

LW: Do you really believe that? I don’t.

AW: I could prove it too you…


Maryannwrites said...

Kristin, the interview was cool. I really enjoy the interviews with characters. I need to get on the stick and do more with my characters.

Kristin Battestella said...

Thanks Maryann! You can also check our blog for more.

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