Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Schedule

I've decided I need to organize my time and thoughts, so beginning next week, and every week, except for special occasions like "Bring a Character To Blog" week Jan. 26-31, you can expect the following:

Monday Mania - Something witty, if my brain is functioning.

Tuesday Trivia - Hopefully some useful and little known facts...I may change this to Tuesday Trash Talking if I can't stay creative. :)

Wednesday Wisdom
- Helpful things I've learned through editing or promoting, and I'll happy accept contributed information and give full credit with a link to your site.

Thursday Tourist - Visting Blogger - Now accepting names for future appearances. You can
email me by clicking here
to reserve a space any Thursday.

Friday Fiction - My day to post all about me and my work, my reviews, my releases, or whatever else I care to share.

Saturday and Sunday are free days because I can't always count on blogging on the weekend, but I shall continue with my usual banter on these days should I feel so inclined.

Who knows how long this will last, but at the moment, it sounds pretty good, don't you think?

Okay, I'm off to bed now, knowing I shall sleep the rest of a well-organized mind. Sure!!!

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