Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Amazing What TV Ads Can Show...

AND what they can't. Honestly, the one thing that can't be advertised is cigarette smoking, something our children see every day; something we can warn them about, and hopefully make it a habit they don't adopt.

What we do see in advertising ARE things our children really don't need to know about until they get older. I don't think my grandson needs to know about erectile dysfunction, or in one commercial, how the man's lubricant mixes with the woman's lubricant and causes fireworks. Does Spencer really need to know how to have a "happy period" by using Wings? I'm sure he won't ever need to know that with Tampax, he can swim even at that time of the month.

Is nothing sacred anymore? When I was younger, we didn't discuss douching, hemorrhoids, or birth control. Those were things best kept personal and not a topic for common conversation. If you had gas, that was something you tried to hide, too. Now, even diarrhea and constipation are up for public airing. You can show kids anything on TV, but God forbid they actually see someone smoking a cigarette. That just might be too hard to explain. explaining all those Viagra and Cialis commercials is a snap!


Anonymous said...

This one made me laugh, and your right society is sometimes way to open about some things that should just be left unsaid.

Thanks for stopping by our site.


Unknown said...

Trevas, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yeah...TV has given me lots of blog fodder lately. :)


LuAnn said...

The ones I have the most issues with are the erectile dysfunction. Some almost border on X-rated! I'm glad I don't have children watching them! My kids are all grown and probably think they're funny.

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