Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It Pays To Google Your Own Name

Look what I found:

Sarah's Journey
by Ginger S Simpson Reviewed by Nicole

Sarah Collins is alive after an Indian attack on her wagon train headed for California, though she can't imagine why she escaped unscathed. She strikes out to find the nearest town and finds hunky Grey Wolf instead. He is a pure gentleman and nurses her back to health after a near fatal snake bite. She can’t seem to keep him off her mind. Grey Wolf finds himself in an impossible situation; they have no future together because he is half Sioux. Will Sarah and Wolf ever be able to share their love or will prejudices keep them apart?

Ginger Simpson creates an endearing love story with a twist that is sheer genius. The characters are complex and possess a connection that will make your heart flutter. The heroine is feisty yet proper and the hero is the kind of man you’d like to have waiting at home for you. Simpson achieves victory with Sarah’s Journey.


LuAnn said...

Because I'm a writer, I regularly google my name to see who many have picked up my articles or book reviews. I found out recently that my name is listed as one of the "notable" reviewers. I had no idea the list existed or that I was on it until I googled!

Unknown said...

LuAnn, it's sometimes amazing what we find. :)


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