Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tourists & Winners and Bears, Oh My!

Pretend you hear the drumroll!

I realized I didn't post the answers to last Tuesday's Trivia, so for those who didn't know the correct they are:

1. George Washington - One dollar bill
2. Abe Lincoln - five dollar bill
3. Alexander Hamilton - ten dollar bill
4. Andrew Jackson - twenty dollar bill
5. Ulysses S. Grant - fifty dollar bill
6. Benjamin Franklin - one hundred dollar bill
7. William McKinley - five hundred dollar bill
8. Grover Cleveland - one thousand dollar bill
9. Salmon P. Chase - ten thousand dollar bill?
10. Woodrow Wilson - one hundred thousand dollar bill
Bonus question. Is there a million dollar bill? No
The winner of this contest was Shirley Dale Jones.

This week's Trivia winner is Molly Daniels who gave the most correct answers to the quiz. She'll be receiving a free PDF copy of Sparta Rose.

1. Charles Hamilton was Melanie Wilkes brother
2. Scarlett (in the book) had three children.
3. Wade was the child Scarlett had with Charles Hamilton
4. Melanie comforted Rhett after the death of his daughter.
5. Melanie donated her wedding ring.
6. Rhett got the donation back for Melanie.
7. Carreen is Scarlett's youngest sister.
8. A fall down the stairs caused Scarlett to lose her and Rhett's second child.
9. Carlett bought and ran a lumberyard.
10. Scarlett's first name was Katie.

And...the winner of my most left-handed compliment goes to... you'll have to wait. I'm still figuring this one out. *lol*

While you wait for me to announce the winner of my cute little bear and chocolates, please help me welcome my Thursday Tourist, Maryann Miller. I'm excited to host her today, and I know you'll make her feel right at home.

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