Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TUESDAY TRIVIA Moved This Week...

Tuesdays are going to be all about Book trivia. Except in this case...Tuesday's Trivia has been moved to Wednesday's Wisdom because of a prior commitment. *rofl*

I'll pick a different author each week and ask you some questions. This week the topic is Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. See how well you do, and I just might pick someone to win a free download of Amazing Grace.

1. Which husband of Scarlett's was Melanie Wilkes brother?
a. Rhett Butler
b. Ashley Wilkes
c. Charles Hamilton
d. Frank Kennedy

2. How many children did Scarlett have in the book?
a. 1
b. 3
c. 0
d. 2

3. What was the name of the child Scarlett had with Charles Hamilton?
a. Bonnie
b. Wade
c. Eva
d. Kevin

4. Who comforts Rhett after the death of his only daughter?
a. Ashley
b. Scarlett
c. Melanie
d. Mammy

5. What does Melanie give as a donation during the Charity Ball?
a. Gold piece
b. Her wedding ring
c. Her earrings
d. Her necklace

6. Who gets Melanie's donation back to her?
a. Ashley
b. India
c. Scarlett
d. Rhett

7. What is the name of Scarlett's sister?
a. Carreen
b. India
c. Suellen
d. Melanie

8. How does Scarlett lose her and rhett's second child?
a. Drank too much alcohol
b. Falls off her horse
c. Falls down the stairs
d. She never lost a child

9. What kind of company does Scarlett buy and then run?
a. She doesn't run a business
b. General Store
c. Lumberyard
d. Hotel

10. What is Scarlett's first name? (one word)

DO NOT answer in comments because then you give everyone the answers. If you want to play for the prize, then email me

I'll post the answers tomorrow along with the winner. And no peeking beneath this line until you've submitted your answers...:) Cheaters never prosper. *lol*


", the World's Largest Trivia Website" is where I found this fun quiz.

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