Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

Before I get today's trivia, I'd like to provide the answers to last weeks and announce the winner. The following questions and answers were taken directly from Beth Reimer's email. Beth, please contact me and let me know which of my novellas you would like to receive in PDF format.

1. What do we call the conversation between two or more characters? Dialogue

2. What do we call the series of related events that make up a story? Plot

3. Suspense is known as the uncertainty or anxiety the readers feels about what will happen next in a story.

4. A story with no known author, that originally was passed on from one generation to another by word of mouth is known as a Folk Tale.

5. The overall mood or emotion of a work of literature is known as the atmosphere.

6. A brief story in prose or verse that teaches a moral or gives a practical life lesson is called a fable.

7. A character's motivation is any force that drives or moves the character to behave in a particular way.

8. The story of a real person's life, written or told by another person is called a biography.

9. A figure of speech in which a nonhuman thing or quality is talked about as if it were human is called personification.

10. The story of a person's life, written or told by that person is called an autobiography.

11. A story written to be acted in front of an audience is called a drama.

12. The time and place in which the events of a work of literature take place is called the setting.

13. The voice talking in a poem is known as the speaker.

14. The idea about life revealed in a work of literature is known as the theme

15. Prose writing that deals with real people, events, and places without changing any facts is called non fiction.


This contest is called Fractured Books. It doesn't take much to figure out the right answers if you figure out how to read the titles. As usual, email your answers to Miz Ging The winner will receive a free copy of Paging Dr. Jones.

1. Knot widow might otter

2. Floors end of ad tick

3. Mummy ear wrist

4. Da Phone coal lecture

5. Chris teen

6. Watt chairs

7. Missouri

8. Duh Dave itchy cold

9. Comb Ma

10. Da drain may cure

There ya go. Have fun. As usual I give full credit to funtriva.com...and I reiterate...no fair peeking.

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