Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Just In

I tried to avoid blogging about politics...honestly I did, but I can't help but wonder if anyone besides me thinks that something in Washington smells.

Today, President Obama is signing the Omnibus bill despite that fact that media coverage and national tea parties have bemoaned the fact that this is nothing more than a pork-filled special interest spending package. During Obama's campaign, he routinely talked about avoiding wasteful spending, yet today, under the guise of saving Congress from the undue burden and blaming the Bush administration for placing these earmarks in the bill, he'll sign it into law...but in private. Knowing his fondness for spotlighting, that smacks of shame on his part.

As if that's not enough, he followed up the news of his signature with a proclamation that he'll initiate reforms on earmarking. HUH??? Wouldn't this have been a nice place to start. Who cares who put the special interest projects in the bill? He's the president and has the prerogative to veto them. I can only speak for myself, but had he done that, it would have gone a long way to restoring my faith in his abilities. I guess pig smells, grape research, kayaking in Hawaii, and putting a World Trade Center in Montana will rest on all our shoulders. Quite frankly, I thought the cartoon I posted here fits the bill. Literally.

I think our new president my have ADHD. He can't seem to focus on one thing for very long before he moves on to something else. Just my humble opinion...and it is my blog. *lol*


Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

Believe me, Ginger, you are not alone in your thinking. There are more out there than even the media is willing to admit that are genuinely disturbed at what is going on in Washington and where our country is rapidly heading. And as far as Obama is concerned...he is way over his head. He appears to be just going through the motions as others push papers in front on him to sign.

Unknown said...

I agree...someone needs to take away his pen. :)


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